Express Coupon Codes: For the Love of Tees!

Shopping is not a seasonal phenomenon obviously, but when it comes to clothing, trends certainly shift during change of season. The vagaries of colors and prints that prevail in seasons is one of the biggest proof of how fast-paced retail industry is. Express is one of those clothing retail chains that keeps up to date on what is ‘in’, therefore catering to the most fashion conscious of the country.

One of the most vibrant thing you will find on the racks of all Express stores is the graphic tees. ‘Crisp and bold colors’, as the website proclaims, have been coupled with comfortable yet strong fabric to bring together tees that are as much a visual treat as a neat fashion entity. All these graphic tees have the delicious offer of ‘Buy one and get 50% off on the next one’. There are tees that have combined the Express symbol with their visionary lion emblem, done in soft monotones that create an unique signature style for the brand and also a subtly attractive tee to flaunt this summer. These signature tees have Express coupons that get you flat 40% off which makes them irresistible. Express coupon codes are also available for regular tees that have the same ‘Buy 1, Get 1 50% off’ offer.

With so many attractive discounts on tees, there’s no guessing which item is the fastest to disappear off the racks this season.


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